You’ve never seen yourself taking a traditional W-2 job—at least, not for long. That’s because somewhere inside of you, you know that an entrepreneur is waiting to get out. You already have a product or service idea in mind, and now, you’re ready to deliver it to the masses. Fortunately, if you’re in the United States, you’re in one of the best places to start a business. Here’s a look at why the United States is an entrepreneur’s paradise, according to business guru Brian Ferdinand in a recently released article.


In the recently published article, Brian Ferdinand, who is the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, explains that the United States features a contrasting and immense geography. This creates multiple unique identities on a regional level, and these identities offer various benefits for different individual, commercial, and industrial interests.

Due to the United States’ diverse geography, multiple municipalities have achieved higher ranks than their counterparts have in terms of both local and international business opportunities. Likewise, cities have varying ranks in certain industries, as some cities are better for particular business sectors than others are.


One area of business that is especially appealing in the United States is the area of startups—companies that are determined to take over large markets over time. In fact, the United States boasts one of the world’s highest-ranking startup hubs. However, small businesses—which don’t necessarily need large markets to succeed—also thrive in the United States for a multitude of reasons.

Whether people are passionate about creating startups or small businesses, the United States continues to attract them due to its skilled and diverse workforce. In addition, the nation is widely recognized as a leader in innovation as well as research and development. The United States also stands out for offering a wide range of sources of funding, including angel investors, venture capitalists, banks, and investment firms.

Before you start a business in the United States, it is critical that you determine your needs and evaluate your financial situation. It is also important that you verify that the city in which you plan to operate is friendly toward businesses. Some of the top cities for doing business today include New York City, Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Atlanta, and Seattle. Other cities that belong to this list are Miami and Denver, according to Brian Ferdinand.